October 5, 2023

A topic for a practically relevant thesis was found and awarded the Science Future Prize 2021!

A topic for a practically relevant thesis was found and awarded the Science Future Prize 2021!

When it comes time to worry about your final thesis, finding a topic is usually a difficult task. It is nice that all the efforts that arise in the course of developing this academic thesis are put into practice.

Gesellschaft für Forschungsförderung Niederösterreich mbH offers an online platform for academic research related to Lower Austria with exchange of subjects for theses. The Future of Science Award (WZP) is also awarded to the best scientific achievements by young academics who are at the beginning of their scientific careers.

Patrick Zuchling succeeded in both. He found his diploma thesis topic via the dissertation topic exchange platform and was awarded Science Future 2021 at Science Gala 2021.

Patrick Zuchling in his acceptance letter: “The specification of my diploma thesis was shaped to a large extent by the input I received from the GFF-NÖ exchange of subjects. The contacts I had and the resulting exchange with various actors in the Pielachtal region under study enabled me to find potential answers for specific challenges in the area of ​​tension in the context of my diploma thesis “Potential Pielachtal – Integrative Considerations as an Opportunity for New Spatial Qualities along the Mariazel Railway” to work on settlement development and mobility. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Karen Peter (GFF-NÖ), Edith Kindler ( Regional Planning Association Pielachtal) and Philipp Scholl (Niederösterreich Bahnen) for the great cooperation and valuable exchange, as well as for the scholarship she was awarded and for the Science Prize for the Future 2021 Many thanks to the State of Lower Austria.”

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All details about WZP: www.gff-noe.at/preise
All information on the topic of exchange of theses: www.themenboerse.at