December 2, 2023

The Museum of the Future in Nuremberg by Atelier Bruckner.  A flag you can touch

The Museum of the Future in Nuremberg by Atelier Bruckner. A flag you can touch

The new Augustinerhof building by Staab Architects is located directly on Pegnitz in Nuremberg. The Museum of the Future is also located here, and the Bruckner Atelier is responsible for the design. How do you take visitors on a journey into the future in a permanent exhibition? The spatial image is clearly industrial and organized. In the bright new building with generous window openings, more than 2,900 square meters of exhibition space is divided into five thematic areas: “Work and Daily Life”, “Body and Spirit”, “City of System”, “Earth System” and “Space and Time”. The Stuttgart-based company operates with modular display elements that fit into a grid-readable core on the ground. The result is a 3D virtual space association. The starting point and destination for the museum tour is a spacious two-story forum with seating, surrounded by LED treadmills with news indicators. In the Digital Museum game, visitors collect selected exhibits with their badges on their tour of the museum. At media stations, they can process their choice and present their assessment of the opportunities and risks that new technologies bring with them. Your answers will be discussed live daily in the forum: Does it allow us to change the genetic makeup of embryos? Should we use robots in care? The exhibition emphasizes the contrast between science and imagination and invites you to explore the world comically between science and imagination. It’s a show for all the senses: How heavy is “light” concrete? How will our food smell in the future? Can we hear if our digital conversation partner is an AI? More than 150 media exhibits, 90 media stations and many large formats
Blurred movie screenings transport you into a world of experience between science and fiction. The German Museum Nuremberg – Museum of the Future is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm. ~ Katrina Fire