July 15, 2024

A source said that the Speaker of the Michigan House of Representatives and the majority leader in the Senate will meet Trump on Friday

A source said that the Speaker of the Michigan House of Representatives and the majority leader in the Senate will meet Trump on Friday

Trump card He extended the invitation Thursday morning to Michigan state legislators by calling Mike Sherky, the familiar person previously told CNN.

The source familiar with the plans said Trump and lawmakers would meet at 4 p.m. ET.

Shirkey didn’t respond to emails from CNN either, and his phone mailbox was full too.

Trump also called on two Republican board members from Wayne County to lend his support, the person said Thursday, afterward He went back and forth when voting to certify the election results It is the largest county in the state, which includes Detroit. Board members filed affidavits on Wednesday to request their vote “cancel” to certify the election result.

Certification is usually a formality, but Trump has been trying to derail or delay the process in major states as part of a long-standing effort to nullify his electoral defeat through the Electoral College. Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani and other allies suggested that state legislatures in Republican states in the battleground states Biden won should try to use delays in ratification to set their own voters list and ignore Biden’s popular votes in the states.

Two sources told CNN that there are also discussions going on with the president about inviting Republican lawmakers in Pennsylvania to the White House. It is not clear if these calls have been filed yet, but Trump has expressed an interest in doing so as he tries to get himself into the vote ratification process. The deadline for counties in Pennsylvania to certify their totals is Monday.

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It is not clear what Trump’s message will be to Michigan’s Republican lawmakers. Both Sherky and Chatfield said they would respect the popular vote for their state and would not deviate from the Michigan voter selection process. Biden is currently leading 154,187 votes over Trump in Great Lakes State.

On September 24, Shirky led the Senate to pass a resolution confirming that voters would vote for the candidate who received the most votes as approved by election officials.

“The Michigan Senate is obligated to select Electoral College voters who will be loyal to vote for the candidate with the largest number of votes for the president in Michigan as approved by Michigan election officials,” the resolution stated.

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Kaitlan Collins, Jeremy Herb, Kevin Liptak and Sam Fossum contributed to this report.