July 12, 2024

The iFixit breakdown shows just how similar the new M1 MacBooks are

The iFixit breakdown shows just how similar the new M1 MacBooks are

IFixit has got the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro M1 powered devices from Apple, which of course means its team has Rip off laptops to see what’s inside. While a file air And the forefront They set ground-breaking new standards for performance and efficiency, so it turns out that this can be attributed almost entirely to the M1 chip rather than any particular design changes.

Take the new MacBook Pro, for example. Here is this year’s Intel-based model on the left, with the new M1 released on the right:


The internal layouts of the two computers are almost identical. IFixit notes that the M1 uses exactly the same fan component as its predecessor from Intel, for example, which actually increases the efficiency of the M1 chip considering the difference in noise levels between the two computers.

Meanwhile, the MacBook Air looks very similar to the Intel version, but with the fan completely omitted. IFixit was a little surprised that the Air and Pro design didn’t converge any further, considering that computers now use identical processors, but Apple’s design focus here has been clear on using the M1 as a quick replacement for its current products.

Check out the full teardown at iFixit for more, Including a closer look at the M1 processor itself, a full list of other chips the team has found inside, and thoughts about the laptops’ repairability.