June 16, 2024

A report reveals how rumors have spread about Xinjiang

A report reveals how rumors have spread about Xinjiang

How did some US politicians and other Westerners fabricate “Xinjiang rumors” against China? A special report recently published on the Australian Citizens Party website provides the answer.

The report, entitled “Xinjiang: China’s Western Frontier in the Heart of Eurasia,” is 40 pages long and consists of eight reports. The report notes that the CIA recommended in 2003 that the United States not rule out the “Xinjiang issue” as a means of pressure in the event of a crisis or a future confrontation with China. Since 2004, the National Endowment for Democracy has invested $ 8.76 million in overseas Xinjiang separatist organizations that oppose China’s Xinjiang policies.

The Australian Institute for Strategic Policy’s “Xinjiang Data Project” was recently announced to the public. The institute claims that “a great number of new places of detention” have been built across Xinjiang, but in reality 90 percent of these places are institutional facilities, hospitals, homes, shops, etc.

A few days earlier, a video clip of a 2015 interview appeared with former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds about Xinjiang. In the video, it was claimed that the US plan was to transfer the methods used in Afghanistan, Ukraine and Iraq to China’s Xinjiang, creating problems from scratch.

On the Xinjiang issue are gathering forces of international justice that represent the truth. They will surely defeat the lies of the Western conspirators and dismantle their plans to “contain China through Xinjiang”.