June 14, 2024

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Unilever on business trips with TripActions

Global company Unilever now relies on TripActions travel management for business trips (Photo: SITA)

This collaboration caused an uproar in travel management. Unilever, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of consumer goods, has selected TripActions for its comprehensive end-to-end solutions for business travel, corporate credit cards, and expense management. From now on, the management of the company’s international business travel will be managed via TripActions.

The deal signing with the group, which has more than 400 brands in 190 countries, is part of a string of wins in the large European corporate sector, including deals with Heineken in the Netherlands, SumUp in the UK, Nilfisk in Denmark and Primark in Ireland. .

Unilever It is headquartered in London and employs around 148,000 people in 77 countries. As a global player, the group was looking for a business travel partner that – unlike the previous solution – suited the current and future needs of employees and modern business models.

The Unilever Employee Experience team’s ideal was a future-proof digital business travel management that would enable employees to manage their daily trips themselves with just a few clicks.

The goal: to simplify the daily lives of travelers, offering them a business travel experience tailored to them and giving them the opportunity to take responsibility for their work life.

Unilever’s criteria also included increased sustainability efforts to balance CO2290% credit and online booking rate to reduce manual effort in the business travel process and increase efficiency in the company.

With TripActions, employees are in control of their business trips and have complete control over their travel expenses

After a long process of evaluating other service providers, Unilever has now chosen TripActions As a new partner who can meet the future requirements in terms of travel management and technology solutions.

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With the motto “Future Fit”, Unilever Group has set itself the goal of supporting its employees in successfully adapting to new technologies and the world of work in the future.

“At Unilever, we want to make sure our employees are well prepared for the highly digital world of work of the future with the right technology and efficient processes,” says Mithlesh Singh, Global Travel Process, EX & Transformation Director at Unilever.

Critical Criteria for TripActions

Unilever’s selection of the right provider is based on a number of criteria that perfectly match what TripActions offers:

  • Fully automated processes.
  • High degree of customization.
  • The best cost efficiency.
  • Excellent ease of use.
  • ko2Reports to enhance environmentally informed reservation decisions.
  • A booking platform designed for mobile use.
Ariel Cohen

“Innovative companies like Unilever have recognized that the future of work is digital. It’s about harnessing the power of digital technology to help people do their jobs more efficiently,” said Ariel Cohen, founder and CEO of TripActions.

“We are very pleased that Unilever has chosen us as a partner and we look forward to a successful long-term collaboration,” says Arin Cohen.

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