A brave employee saves a live cycle in Israel

During a live broadcast from Israel, two protesters suddenly crowd into the picture on SRF. The brave employee reacts with lightning speed.

An SRF reporter in Tel Aviv is harassed by protesters – an employee helps her. – SRF


The basics in brief

  • The controversial judicial reform has caused historic protests in Israel.
  • The Tagesshaw newspaper also reported a live broadcast from Tel Aviv.
  • Two men crowded into the photo, but an employee saved the serve.

Israel’s controversial judicial reform plans sparked historic protests and a general strike on Monday. The tens of thousands had gathered in the country in the afternoon in front of Parliament. The media reported 80,000 protesters, up to 100,000 according to The Times of Israel.

Finally, shortly after 5 p.m., Israeli Police Minister Itamar Ben Gvir announced that the controversial reform would be delayed. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu later confirmed the delay. Therefore, the legislative proposal will be submitted to Parliament for a vote at the end of April at the earliest.

The “Tagishshaw” newspaper also reported on Tuesday evening about the historic protests and their impact. Reporter Anita Ponter in Tel Aviv analyzed the events of the past few hours in a live broadcast for SRF.

When something goes wrong on the TV, can you still focus on the content?

Just as the reporter mentioned that Netanyahu did not make any substantive concessions despite the postponement of reforms, a masked man and another protester suddenly entered the picture. The two men can be heard shouting something into the microphone, but are promptly taken out of the picture by a spunky SRF employee.

Ponter responded calmly and said, “Yes, the mood here in Tel Aviv is high, even among the protesters, as you can hear. People are upset because they didn’t get what they expected.”

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