Putin attends the funeral of Russian politician Zhirinovsky

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and thousands of other people attended the farewell funeral of politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

The basics in brief

  • Vladimir Putin made his first public appearance on Friday.
  • He and thousands of other people attended the funeral of the politician Zhirinovsky.

At the funeral, Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and thousands of people bid farewell to politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky. 69 years On Friday, he made his first public appearance in a long time.

The leader of the ultranationalist Liberal Democratic Party of Russia faction died on Wednesday. After more than two months in hospital, he succumbed to the effects of Covid-19 disease. The politician known as the right-wing agitator was 75 years old.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin at the funeral

Zhirinovsky is considered one of the most impressive politicians in Russia. Also for his undiplomatic speeches, which he often gave with shouts and red face. The right-wing populist has run in presidential elections six times, most recently in 2018, when it ranked third with 5.65 percent. It started in Moscow Meanwhile, the power struggle over the leadership successor to the Liberal Democratic Party.

Zhirinovsky was buried at the celebrity cemetery in the Novodevichy Convent in Moscow. It was previously said that he will be buried with his family members at Troekorovo Cemetery. However, he himself expressed a wish In the most famous cemetery in Moscow To find his last rest.

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