Weston school board proposed budget: Salary request is $28.36 million

Weston Public SchoolsThe Weston school board is requesting a total salary request of $28,364,334 for school administrators, teachers, and support staff in 2013-14, $45,831 less than the current fiscal year.

Salaries account for 61.28% of the total $46,293,668 school budget request.

The Board of Selectmen has recommended the schools trim $100,000 from the budget (a 1.31% increase over the current year). The finance board will have the ultimate power to decide what number to send to the voters.

Based on projections of declining enrollment, the district plans to eliminate two grade one teachers, while adding one more grade two teacher. The district also plans to eliminate one grade six teacher and reduce special subjects by the equivalent of a 0.76 full-time equivalent (FTE).

A 0.40 FTE for reading/writing support has been transferred from a grant to the operating budget because available funds are less in 2014.

There is also a reduction of a 0.43 science paraprofessional at Weston High School and 1.0 special education paraprofessional at Weston High School.

Additions to the budget include an assistant director of pupil personnel services position at an approximate annual salary of $120,000.

There are also four new security officers in the proposed budget. While the 2013-14 school budget originally called for five security officers, the new budget includes four additional security officers at approximately $27,000 each. The district has already hired the new officers in the current fiscal year and paid for the positions through a reallocation of funds.

By contract, in 2013-14, teachers at top scale will get a 1.25% salary increase and teachers not “on step” who have not reached the top will get a 1% increase, while the other teachers on step will receive an average 2.25% increase (1.25% increase plus a 1% step increase).

Administrators in the union will receive a 2% increase, while support staff positions will receive a 1.9% increase.

The salary increases for non-affiliated administrators, including the superintendent, have yet to be determined. The school board determines those salary increases at the end of each fiscal year. Therefore, the salaries listed below for non-affiliated administrators are for the current year.

An amount of $42,500 has been budgeted to fund estimated salary increases for them.

Non-affiliated administrative salaries

Superintendent, $236,060

Director of finance and operations, $175,967

Assistant superintendent, $174,000

Director of human resources, $153,137

Director of facilities, $123,515

Director of technology, $119,531

Transportation/energy coordinator, $82,825

Superintendent’s admin. assistant, $65,250

Nurse supervisor, $66,641

Network administrator, $60,239

Network administrator, $59,826

Purchasing agent, $63,948

Admin. assistant finance, facilities, tech, $63,100

Human resource admin. assistant, $59,032

Asst. superintendent’s admin. assistant, $59,032

Payroll/benefits bookkeeper, $59,032

Admin. assistant director of pupil personnel, $59,032

Accounts payable bookeeper, $24,751

Student activities bookkeeper, $20,260

Business office bookkeeper, $12,163

Administrative (union) salaries

High school principal, $171,359

Middle school principal, $161,019

Intermediate school principal, $157,054

Elementary school principal, $149,201

Director of special ed. and pupil personnel services, $153,543

Assistant director of pupil services, $120,000

High school assistant principal, $143,458

High school assistant principal, $141,458

Middle school assistant principal, $133,492

Intermediate School assistant principal, $126,956

Elementary School assistant principal, $76,174

Athletic director, $141,458

Teacher salaries

There are 220 teaching positions plus a number that are not full-time equivalents. The number in each salary range is noted in parentheses.

$111,460 (32)

$110, 096 (1)

$108,898 (6)

$106,284 to $106,400 (8)

$100,386 to $105,890 (18)

$91,484 to $98,898 (53)

$81,251 to $89,014 (33)

$70,938 to $79,128 (47)

$61,824 to $69,238 (23)

$53,174 to $58,116 (11)

$33,628 to $41,546 (6)

$11,252 to $20,521(2)

$6,182 (1)

Non-certified staff salaries

Occupational therapist, $93,036 (x2)

Data specialist, $63,684

Special ed. admin. assistant, $57,942

Secretary, $51,667

Middle school data clerk, $52,686

High school data clerk, $52,686

School nurse, $52,141 (x4)

High school principal’s secretary, $51,667

Intermediate school principal’s secretary, $51,667

Elementary school principal’s secretary, $51,667

Middle school principal’s secretary, $48,235

Computer technician, $44,767

Athletics secretary, $47,892

Technology paraprofessional technician, $42,757

Technology paraprofessional, $37,024

Student instructional data mangement, $42,757

High school secretary, $36,941

High school guidance clerk, $38,339

School secretary, $38,339

School secretary, $35,021 (x5)

Computer technician, $35,676

High school guidance clerk, $34,784

Data technician high school, $36,095

Middle school guidance clerk, $38,338

Middle school guidance clerk, $18,470

Copy center operator, $35,776

Copy center operator, $22,361

Lead safety and security, $31,434

Safety monitor, $29,564, (x2)

Safety monitor, $27,716

Safety monitor, $27,573 (x5)

Career center, high school, $25,920

Lunch room, $8,645 (x2)

Lunch room, $7,461(x2)


There are 65 paraprofessionals with salaries ranging from $13,697 to $33,926.

Buildings and grounds

HVAC mechanic, $94,253

Electrician, $77,403

Plumber, $64,832

Carpenter/general mechanic, $69,510

Lead custodian, $53,108

Custodian, $46,458 (x2)

Custodian, $51,720 (x2)

Custodian, $48,108 (x2)

Custodian, $45,581

Custodian, $48,074

Custodian, $44,892

Custodian, $24,054

Groundskeeper, $50,509

Groundskeeper, $48,108

Groundskeeper, $44,892

Seasonal groundskeeper, $34,400 (x2)

Driver, $24,054 (x2)

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