Salaries are the bulk of Weston’s town budget proposal

Town_expenditures_chartThere are changes ahead for some employees in the town’s proposed 2013-14 budget. Some positions will gain hours, while others will lose hours.

On the plus side, the first selectman’s budget proposal includes an additional $69,000 for a 10th police officer (plus $33,500 in benefit costs).

The fire marshal’s position will increase from 19.5 hours to 25 hours per week, allowing it to qualify for health insurance and pension benefits.

The fire marshal’s salary will go from $41,456 ($35,556 base salary plus $5,900 overtime) to $49,643 ($46,983 base salary plus $2,660 overtime), an $8,187 increase. The increased hours will cost approximately $25,442 in additional benefits.

The Youth Services director’s position will increase by 7.5 hours a week, and will go from a 0.60 position to a 0.80 position. The salary will increase by $14,267, jumping from $42,798 to $57,065.

The Senior Center’s assistant’s hours will increase five hours a week, and will go from a 0.32 position to a 0.42 position. The salary will go from $9,512 to $12,909, a $3,397 increase.


Some positions will lose hours. The tax collector’s position is being reduced from full-time to 80% time, and the salary will go from $75,699 to $60,559, a $15,140 decrease.

The assistant tax collector will work 37 weeks a year instead of 39, and go from a 0.75 position to a 0.70 position. The salary will go from $37,380 to $35,130, a $2,250 decrease.

In land use, the conservation planner is being reduced from 30 hours a week to 19 hours a week, $47,929 to $30,430, a cost savings of $17,499.

In Parks and Recreation, the maintenance field and grounds position will be reduced from a full-time position to a seven-month (31 weeks) full-time position, followed by a five-month (21 weeks) layoff. The salary will change from $42,319 to $25,290, a $17,029 decrease.

The salaries listed in the 2013-14 town budget proposal do not reflect upcoming salary increases, nor do they include a retroactive 2% salary increase for the current year for town hall union employees that was approved by the Board of Selctmen Feb. 27.

The contracts for all the town’s collective bargaining units expire on June 30, so instead of listing proposed increases, a lump sum of $112,500 has been included in a contingency line in the budget to cover increases for non-union personnel, as well as members of the town hall union, Police Department, Highway Department, and Communications Center.

In the salaries listed below, the base salaries for police officers, highway workers, and dispatchers do not include overtime. For a listing of those salaries with overtime figured in for the calendar year 2012 -13, see related story and chart.

Proposed salaries for Weston town employees in the 2013-14 budget (not including potential raises):


Town Administrator $129,459

First Selectman $43,875

Selectmen’s Admin. Assistant $66,057

Finance Director $117,423

Finance Director’s stipend as Treasurer $3,000

Payroll Accountant $63,455

Part-time Accounts Payable (.68) $34,523

Info. Systems Manager $75,512

Info. Systems part-time help $7,125

Registrar (.25) $11,779 (x2)

Deputy Registrar (.05) $1,597 (x2)

Board of Finance Secretary $3,000

Tax Assessor $88,463

Assistant to Assessor (.70) $32,402

Tax Collector (.80) $60,559

Asst. to Tax Collector (.70) $35,130

Town Clerk $75,699

Asst. Town Clerk $47,903

General Maintenance $40,976


Town Engineer (.80) $71,987

P&Z Admin. Assistant (.80) $40,166

Code Enforcement Officer (.80) $46,783

Land Use Director (.53) $43,554

Conservation Planner (.51) $30,430

Building Inspector (.80) $60,172

Building Admin. Asst. (.80) $37,697

Fire Marshal (.52) $46,983


Managing Dispatcher $69,309

Senior Dispatcher $57,561

Dispatcher $55,042 (x2)

Dispatcher $48,737

Part-time help (.25) $24,750


Chief of Police $107,620

Police Secretary $48,094

Police Sergeant $91,451 (x3)

Police Detective $83,634

Police Officer $78,163 (x8)

Police Officer $66,097

Proposed Police Officer, $60,000

Fire Dept. Secretary $18,656

Animal Control Officer $47,974

Asst. Animal Control (.20) $8,140


Public Works Director $105,302

Foreman $73,965 (x2)

Spec. Equip. Operator Senior $67,611 (x4)

Equip. Operator Senior $66,846

Equip. Operator Junior (.40) $19,548

Senior Mechanic $73,056 (x2)

Transfer Station Operator $66,696

Transfer Station Operator (.60) $29,332


Recreation Director $92,012

Recreation Supervisor $56,450

Rec. Bookkeeper/Secretary $42,369

Parks and Fields Maintenance $25,290

Middle School Aquatics Director $51,357*

Pool technicians $2,010*

Lifeguards $15,454*


Social Worker (.73) $52,329

Part-Time Social Work Assistant (.50) $18,140

Seasonal help $3,500

Director for Children and Youth (.60) $57,065

Program Coordinator (.75) $35,312

Senior Center Director (.64) $35,814

Senior Center Van Driver $33,376

Senior Activities Assistant (.42) $12,909

Senior Center Summer Help $1,260


Library Director $79,050

Senior Librarian $56,450

Children’s Librarian $53,112

Library Assistant $46,131

Library Assistant (.23) $9,344

Library Assistant (.30) $9,850

Library Assistant (.36) $11,878

Library Pages $5,672

Positions less than full-time are designated with a decimal percentage after the job title.

*The town pays 60% and the schools pay 40% of these salaries.

The Board of Finance will hold a budget public hearing on Wednesday, April 3, after which it will approve a final budget proposal. The town and school budget numbers will be presented to the public at the Annual Town Budget Meeting on Wednesday, April 24. A referendum to vote on the budget is scheduled for Thursday, May 2.

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