April 25, 2024

6: 1 win over Czech Republic - Canada beat Finland in World Cup final - Sports

6: 1 win over Czech Republic – Canada beat Finland in World Cup final – Sports

Canada will be able to retain their title at the Ice Hockey World Championships in Tampere. Last year’s world champion advanced to the World Cup final, winning 6-1 in the semifinals against the Czech Republic. As in 2019 and 2021, Sunday will also feature rival Finland (7:20 pm, live on SRF Zwei).

In contrast to the spectacular 4: 3 victory over Sweden in the quarterfinals, “Maple Leaves” was able to retreat to the final third match with the Czech Republic. After Cole Shillinger’s 5: 1 (44th), the opposition of the Eastern Europeans was defeated and only the third consecutive final form of the World Championship.

The Czech Republic is not efficient enough

After a good start, Canada got into trouble in the top three due to various immoralities. “Maple Leaves” spent no less than eight minutes in the penalty box in the early stages. It avenged the title’s best power play in the 8th minute: after Lockers striker Roman Cervenko’s sugar pass, David Crazy scored with a superb 1-0 lead over the Czech Republic.

Despite two more power plays, former SCB coach Gary Jallon’s team was unable to extend the lead. 33 seconds before the end of the first division, Canada equalized for the unrest. The Czech players did not get a shot from their own zone, which was penalized by Dylan Kozens, who took it 1-1.

Canada’s Intermediate Sprint in the middle third

In the 2nd third the Czech Republic set themselves aside with unnecessary penalties. After David Basturnak was sent to the penalty box for a revenge mistake, Adam Lori had only 16 seconds to score, giving the North Americans their first lead. Winnipeg Jets forwards expertly turned the Czech goalie over.

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3:19 minutes later, Canada was already three points ahead. First Kent Johnson made it 3: 1 (29th), then Matt Purcell scored the fourth goal with a good shot in the high corner for the reigning champions. The Czech team has never recovered from this three-time defeat.