December 10, 2023

The second season of Canadian drama begins on Universal TV -

The second season of Canadian drama begins on Universal TV –

‘Nurses’ is about to return to Universal TV. The second season of the Canadian hospital drama premieres on the pay-TV network on November 22. Ten new episodes can be watched in double episodes for a week from Monday to Friday at 9:00 PM. In it, five young professionals once again experience the ups and downs of daily life at St. Mary’s Hospital in downtown Toronto.

Each of the five newcomers has their own unique way of approaching patient care, and Grace, Ashley, Keon, Nizinen, and Wolf still have to learn how to work together as a team. At the start of Season 2, the hospital is like a battlefield, as St. Mary’s Hospital is literally overwhelmed with patients. The situation is also tough for our heroes, as they have to deal with Kate Faulkner (Rachel Ancherell; Captain Nahan in “Star Trek: Discovery”), the new chief nursing officer who keeps them on their toes.

The main cast includes: Tyra Skovbye as Grace Knight, who is looking for a fresh start in a nursing job. Natasha Callis as adrenaline junkie Ashley Collins; Jordan Johnson-Hinds as former college football player Keon Colby; Sandy Seydoux as Nazanin Khan, who comes from a wealthy Indian family; and Donald Maclean Jr. as the meek Wolf Burke, whose secret could jeopardize his job. Then there’s Ryan-James Hatanaka as Dr. Evan Wallace, charismatic chief of the emergency department, and Nicola Correa Damod as sharp-tongued gynecologist Dr. Vanessa Banks.

Producer is “Rookie Blue” creator Tassi Cameron. In Canada, the series is at home with the global broadcaster, as its second season ran last summer. It is currently unclear if there will also be a third season.

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