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24.11.2021 – 02:00

Mitteldeutsche Zeitung

Hall / MZ (ots)

The rector of the University of Halle, Christian Teetje, has asked the state government to support the current cycle of austerity at the largest university in Saxony-Anhalt. Mitteldeutsche Zeitung’s Tite, published in Halle (Wednesday’s edition), said he had missed “a statement from the policy that, as planned in 2014, this university should be significantly reduced”. With the 2014 University Structure Plan, the state demanded savings from the university, but these have not yet materialized. In the summer, Tite submitted a provisioning paper providing for the abolition of positions and professorships as well as the merging of colleges. The goal is to compensate for a shortfall of ten to 15 million euros annually. Days ago, the University Council issued a resolution appealing to the state to increase funding for the university. Otherwise, the number of students will have to be reduced from 20,000 to about 17,000 and about 250 jobs will have to be cut. “Even a small university can be a powerful university,” Teetje told the newspaper. The country refuses to demand more money. A spokesman for the Ministry of Science told the newspaper that it did not amount to a request for additional funds as long as the structural discussion was still going on at the university.

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