April 23, 2024

ZSC clearly beats Zug – and Friborg beats Lausanne

Zurich's best result in the first match: Top scorer Derek Grant scored three goals in a 5-2 win.Image: Cornerstone

The ZSC Lions remain undefeated as qualifying winners of the playoffs. Zurich won the first semi-final match against EV Zug 5-2. The host team, Friborg, also won the second semi-final.

Zurich – Zug 5:2

Series 1:0

Despite the obvious conclusion in the end: EV Zug missed an opportunity at the beginning of this series. Because the ZSC Lions looked irresistible for 31 minutes. The ten-day break since Game 4 against Bell wasn't just good for the Lions.

Until the 32nd minute Zug led 1-0 thanks to a power play goal from defender Niklas Hansson. Fabrice Herzog and Jan Kovar had two chances to make it 2-0. Then the game got out of Zog's control.

Niklas Hansson became the decisive figure in the match – and not because of his goal that made it 1-0. After 33 minutes, the Swedish player showed his lack of control and discipline. His caning between Sven Andrighetto's legs was deemed an unsportsmanlike act by the referees.

During a five-minute penalty kick, Zug's Lukas Bengtsson had a great chance to take the lead again. But ultimately, the ZSC Lions scored three goals in just over three minutes during a long power play. As Rudolfs Balser had already scored shortly before the penalty kick against Hansson, the home side corrected a poor start to the match with four goals from 0:1 to 4:1 within 6 minutes.

Derek Grant scored twice on the power play and secured the win for the Lions with his third goal 87 seconds into the final period to make it 5-2. Grant has already scored seven goals in his first five playoff games. Sven Andrighetto contributed three assists for ZSC.

And the EV train? The central Swiss team will have to improve if they are to progress beyond the semi-finals. This applies to all employees from front to back. Goalkeeper Leonardo Genoni was substituted after conceding four goals within 368 seconds (after 109 minutes without conceding a goal). Since his move from Bern to Zug in the summer of 2019, Ginoni has not missed a single minute of qualifying. Ginoni's catch rate in Game 1: 76.47 percent! But in the quarter-final against Bern, Ginoni recovered after an unsuccessful first match.

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ZSC Lions – Zug 5:2 (0:1, 4:1, 1:0)
12,000 spectators. S. R. Stricker/Kohlmüller (Germany), Obweijser/Orfer.
Portals: 15. Hanson (Kovar, Wingerly/Powerplayer) 0:1. 32. Balcer (Malgin, Weber) 1: 1. 35. (34:16) Grant (Andrigeto/Powerplayer) 2:1. 36. (35:56) Malgin (Andrigeto/Powerplayer) 3:1. 38. Grant (Kokan, Andrigeto/Powerplayer) 4:1. 40. (39:54) Bengtsson (Sentler) 4:2. 42. Grant (Dennis Hollenstein, Gering) 5:2.
punish: 4 times 2 minutes against ZSC Lions, 3 times 2 plus 5 minutes (Hanson) plus playing time (Hanson) against Zug.
PostFinance Top Scorer: Grant; duke.
Black ZSC: Your escape. Weber, Kokan. Lehtonen, Gering. Troutman, Marty; Chris Baltisberger, Phil Baltisberger; Andrighetto, Malgin, Balsers; Froden, Grant, Dennis Hollenstein; Rohrer, Lamico, Zehnder; Reedy, Siegrist, Shabby.
Train: Genoni (38. Luca Hollenstein); Bengtsson, Gesser. Hanson, Stadler. Smurf, Gross; Mogli; Simon, Michaelis, Duke; Marchini, Kovar, Fingerli; Eder, Centelier, Piasca; Allensbach, Lowenberger, Surrey; Violations.
comments: ZSC Lions are without Harrington (foreigner overmanned), Zug without Hofmann, O'Neill, Riva (all injured) and Shane (foreigner overmanned).

Fribourg – Lausanne 2:1

Series 1:0

Andrei Bykov, of all people! The 36-year-old Goteron legend, who will retire at the end of the season, gave Freiburg their first but crucial lead. In the 44th minute, he decisively blocked a shot from Mauro Dufner. The goal gave Gutieron his third home win of the season against Lausanne.

Goteron's Andrey Bykov, left, celebrates after his goal that made it 2-1 alongside teammates Sandro Schmid and Andreas Borgmann in the first ever National League ice hockey semifinal between HC F...

Friborg legend Andre Picot (left) led his team to victory.Image: Cornerstone

Freiburg's new stadium, which has sold out this season and has a capacity of 9,000, remains, as always, a tough place for Lausanne. In their only playoff game so far in 2022, Gutierron has the upper hand 4-1 thanks to three home victories.

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However, the home team were well served by a 1-1 lead after two thirds. Despite a grueling quarter-final series against Davos and only a two-day break since the seventh game on Easter Sunday, the residents of Vaud have been more determined for a long time. Lawrence Bilott gave the visitors the lead in the eighth minute after a wonderful counterattack, and Ryan Gunderson equalized early in the middle third with a long-range shot that hit the ball.

Then Freiburg was twice lucky. First, great goalkeeper Reto Berra once again made a miraculous save from a shot on the goal line (at least that's what the referees decided after the video consultation) (28th), then Mackay Holdner only shot on the edge of the goal (32nd).

Lausanne coach Jeff Ward was surprised by changing the goalkeeper and brought on 21-year-old Kevin Bache, who had a good start in the qualifiers for the first time, instead of former Freiburg player Connor Hughes. As expected, he had to do without top scorer Ante Sumela, who did not suffer a fracture when he was fouled by Davos' Sven Jong, but is being monitored for possible concussion.

Flag of the nation
  • 7

    A leader who can decide the game and make his team better on and off the ice.

  • 6-7

    A player with such great talent that on a good evening he can decide the game and be a leader.

  • 5-6

    Good Premier League Player: Often as talented as iridescent butterflies, sometimes hard workers who take great advantage of their talents.

  • 4-5

    Third or fourth block player, veteran or newcomer.

  • 3-4

    The future is still ahead of you or the future is already behind you.

  • The rating is North American hockey's grading scale, which ranges from 1 (minimum) to 7 (maximum). There are no scores below 3, because those who play in the Premier League are at least barely enough.

Fribourg-Gutieron – Lausanne 2:1 (0:1, 1:0, 1:0)
9095 spectators. S. R. Borja/Piechaczek (Germany), Schlegel/Wolf.
Portals: 8. Pilot (Jagr, Raffl) 0:1. 22. Gunderson (Di Domenico, Sorensen/Powerplayer) 1:1. 44. Bykoff (Dufner, Schmid) 2:1.
punish: 2 times and 2 minutes against Fribourg Gautieron, 6 times and 2 minutes against Lausanne.
PostFinance Top Scorer: Sorensen. pilot.
Fribourg-Gotieron: pera; Gunderson, Jecker. Dufner, Borgmann. Sutter, Strel; rope maker; Sorensen, Wallmark, Motet; Bertschi, De La Rose, Di Domenico; Marchon, Walser, Jörg; Spenger, Schmid, Peikoff; Atterrs.
Lausanne: Bash. Glauser, Djos; Hildner, Frick; Pilot, Genazi; Jelovac. Salomaki, Rochet, Sikac; Reat, Fox, Kovacs; Bozon, Jäger, Rafel; Kenens, Holdner, Pedretti; Hoogly.
comments: Fribourg-Gouteron is without Diaz (ill), Emerton (injured), Gregoire (excess foreigners), Lausanne without Bouguereau, Marti, Perenod, Soumela (all injured), Almond (suspended) and Haapala (excess foreigners). Lausanne from minute 57:57 without a goalkeeper. (NI/DAP)

1000 Swiss Ice Hockey Club


1000 Swiss Ice Hockey Club

To date, 17 ice hockey players (as of October 6, 2023) have played 1,000 or more games in the Swiss top league. This is them:

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