May 18, 2024

YouTube moves to the car

At the Google I/O developer conference, Mountain View introduced a number of AI integrations. Google Bard is moving into search and apps like Google Photos are getting an AI-based editing mode called Magic Editor. Apart from focusing on artificial intelligence, Google has also announced innovations in Android Auto and Android Automotive OS. This year it will be possible YouTube videos about the infotainment system to watch. Initially, Volvo and Polestar models will receive the YouTube app, before later Renault and Ford drivers can watch in-car videos.

YouTube, video games and Microsoft Teams while driving

According to Google, YouTube videos can only be played while driving if the car has multiple screens. The YouTube app can only be used while driving if there is a separate screen for the rear passenger or front passenger. If the connected car only has a center display, YouTube can only be used when stationary. In addition to cucumbers, about PCGH Videos In the car, video games will also be available in the infotainment system. First of all, there are arcade games that can be controlled directly via the touch screen, such as Beach Buggy Racing 2. Full list Of all the video games available on Gamesnacks. BMW will also bring video games into the car this year and rely on streaming games from the provider Airconsole. On the other hand, Tesla has integrated the Epic Games Store, and thanks to the powerful hardware with the RDNA 2 graphics chip, it is also capable of running Cyberpunk 2077. To be offered originally in the electric vehicle. However, Tesla requires a controller to play.

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From this year, Android Automotive infotainment systems can be fitted with their own user interface by the vehicle manufacturer. After all, Android Automotive OS is an open source operating system. Volvo, Polestar, General Motors, Honda, Renault and 2024 Ford will also be there Cars integrated with Google, with some pre-installed apps like Google Assistant, Google Playstore and Google Maps along with Android Automotive OS. If you wish, you can also use another in-car navigation app from the Navigation category and have route directions displayed on the screen behind the curtain. For example, Waze will soon be available for the car’s operating system in the App Store. Additionally, various weather apps, IoT apps, and messaging apps like Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, and Zoom complete the offer in the Playstore, along with entertainment apps like Spotify or Audible.

If you don’t own an Android Automotive OS car, but do have an Android smartphone, Android Auto, which runs entirely via a smartphone, can be used in many vehicles. Later this year, Android Auto should be able to run collaboration apps like Microsoft Teams as voice chat while driving. Ford CEO Jim Farley recently told the Wall Street Journal: It lost the battle against Android Auto and Apple Carplay ten years ago , at least in terms of content. In his view, the infotainment system should be an extension of the smartphone, which is why the Android Auto and Apple Carplay licensing costs are worth it. In the network car itself, in his opinion, it is not possible to make a lot of money on content. In the future, Ford would primarily like to sell driver assistance systems on a subscription basis.

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A bunch of new features in Android Auto and Automotive OS:

  • At the Google I/O developer show, Google announced new things about connected cars as well as its AI tool Bard.
  • This year, for example, the YouTube app can be used in cars running Android Automotive OS.
  • According to Google, YouTube videos can only be played while driving if the car has multiple screens. For example, if the vehicle does not have its own screen for rear passengers, YouTube videos can only be viewed on the center screen when stationary.
  • In addition to the option to watch PCGH videos in the car, video games will also be available in the infotainment system, and these games can be controlled via the touch screen.
  • If the car does not have Android Automotive OS, but only Android Auto smartphone integration, there is the option of using Microsoft Teams while driving as an innovation.

sources: GoogleAnd Wall Street Journal