July 16, 2024

Diablo 4: Simple Trick makes bossing Ashava’s world much easier

Diablo 4: Simple Trick makes bossing Ashava’s world much easier

You only get a special bonus for Diablo 4 if you kill the world boss Ashava at level 20 in a server slam. But this is exactly what causes problems for many gamers. An already obvious trick is often overlooked, but it helps you tremendously.

This is how Ashava puts it most easily: Set the game on a global level 1. Server Slam currently has 2 difficulties to choose from that affect the entire world. Level 1 is “Normal” difficulty and Level 2 is a bit more difficult.

However, the max level on this exam is only level 20 instead of 25 as before, making Ashava in particular significantly more difficult. However, many players, myself included, are in the habit of playing straight at level 2 and then forgetting about it. So if you want to get all rewards from Server Slam, change the global level:

  • Either visit the statue in Keuvachad
  • Or change the level of the world in character setting

Even the game’s assistant director Joe Piepiora is there on Twitter He waves the base of the fence and says there are two difficulties – and they affect Ashava.

By the way: if you are not in a group, then you should definitely not use the city gate in battle. Otherwise, there is a high probability that you will return to a different stage and therefore to a different boss battle.

When can I still fight Ashava? Until the end of the game, you have 3 more options for Ashava mode:

  • 12:00 noon
  • 3 o’clock
  • 6:00 p.m

Exam ends at 9:00 pm. In our overview you will find all eggs, location and tricks in the fight against Ashava. Remember, you must be at level 20 to claim the reward.

Are you still missing levels? With our level guide you can quickly reach level 20. In the video you can watch the fight against Ashava from the perspective of a hunter:

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“There is no reason to play World Class 2”

Difficulty in Server Slam is slightly higher than in previous tests. This is not only because of the five lower levels (Ashava is for level 25), but also because of some of the contractions. For example, necromancers, who used to be the strongest class, suddenly became extremely weak.

On Twitter and Reddit, players are debating that global level 2 makes no sense at all. Except for strong opponents, you get nothing from it. It only makes sense if you already have good equipment – but it also comes down a lot.

In general, the higher difficulty level is well received. Players are happy to take up the challenge once again. Only the class balance is not exactly where it should be. But it’s likely only that in reality after release anyway.

According to many fans, the slam server has been very successful so far, mainly because the test is very stable:

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