June 20, 2024

Xbox One has been out of production since late 2020

Xbox One has been out of production since late 2020

Xbox One is finally history. According to the head of product marketing at Xbox, production of the device has been discontinued since the end of 2020.

The basics in brief

  • Xbox One will soon become history.
  • The console has not been produced since the end of 2020.
  • Marketing Director Cindy Walker revealed this in a new interview.

Already 2020 was Microsoft It was announced that the Xbox One X and S will no longer be produced. In an interview with The Verge, Chief Marketing Officer Cindy Walker explained: Since the end of 2020,onsolen is no longer produced.

Xbox One games run on the next generation console

Instead, the focus is entirely on producing the new Xbox Series X/S. Because: Since the launch at the end of 2020, there’s been a shortage of next-generation consoles.

Due to a worldwide chip shortage, there were often not enough devices available to cover the huge demand. At least, the weaker Xbox Series S is now readily available. and there too All Xbox One games Run, this device has become unnecessary.

With the end of Xbox One leaving Microsoft However, a completely different path than Sony. The console manufacturer and competition recently announced the production of a model Boost your PS4 again. Meanwhile, the newer PS5 is still in short supply due to the chip crunch.

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