June 16, 2024

10 Billion Downloads: The Next Google App Breaks the Magic Mark

10 Billion Downloads: The Next Google App Breaks the Magic Mark

One of the download stages in the Google Play Store has been hacked. The Gmail app has now been downloaded over ten billion times by users (via “GoogleWatchBlogThis makes the Android app only the fourth app in the store to reach this milestone. Previously it was “Google Play Services”, which is an integral part of Android platforms, as well as YouTube and Google Maps.

The last app was only able to reach this milestone shortly before the end of the year. Now Gmail is joining the ranks of the best apps. Previously, Gmail reached five billion downloads in 2019. If you think the app has been available for download on the Play Store since 2010, that’s a huge growth in a short time.

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Gmail breaks a milestone: Why are apps so popular?

The apps that have managed over ten billion downloads are basically pre-installed apps. This means that once a user has purchased an Android smartphone, they can often already find it. What is interesting, however, is that Google does not count these apps as downloads in the Play Store.

Apps are still an integral part of the experience on Android devices. If they are missing or uninstalled, users will apparently return to the Play Store to download them.

Other applications that are not integrated into the system are a little more difficult. Only WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have so far managed over five billion downloads.

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