April 13, 2024

World Cup 2022: England win 6-2!  But the world celebrates Iran's brave heroes - football

World Cup 2022: England win 6-2! But the world celebrates Iran’s brave heroes – football

When the game becomes an afterthought even in the World Cup…

In the match between England and Iran (6:2), things get very political on several occasions.

The time before the match belongs to the brave Iranians. Women’s rights activists hold banners in the stands and wear T-shirts against their oppressive regime that read “Freedom of life for women” and “Free Iran”. There are many fans in the stadium. Almost everything without a headscarf. With hair and makeup. Some even show the leg.


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The faces of the bravest team in the world

Source: ARD / ZDF

And it continues politically:

1:56 pm: Silent protest from the Iranians! TV pictures show: There is no player and only one assistant coach singing along to their national anthem. The players had already done so in a test against Senegal at the end of September – thus publicly opposing their women’s oppressive government after unexplained deaths.

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So brave!  On global television, Iranians demonstrated against their oppressive regime

So brave! On global television, Iranians demonstrated against their oppressive regime

Photo: Mike Egerton/dpa

And this has consequences: the state broadcaster boycotts the live broadcast of the national anthem.

Players can now face the consequences. There has been speculation in Iran that they might be banned if they remain silent at the national anthem. According to estimates by human rights activists, at least 360 people have been killed in the nationwide protests in Iran so far.


Scandal bound in the World Cup
BILD Sports Director: “A very poor image for the German Football Association!”

Source: BILD.TV

Almost in the background: at 1:57pm England captain Harry Kane takes off his training jacket. It turns out: Kane wears the official FIFA captain’s armband instead of the “One Love” armband. So it’s official: England, like six other European nations, bowed to FIFA’s pressure. Including Germany!

However, Kane ignores the requirement of the World Federation to wear the bandage with the imprint “Football Unites the World (Football Unites the World)” in the preliminary round. Instead, he grabbed his armband in the quarterfinals, “No Discrimination.”

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Very weak!

Very weak! Like six other European nations, England have allowed themselves to be dissuaded from wearing the “One Love” armband as a symbol of diversity by threats from FIFA. Instead, England captain Harry Kane wore the official World Cup armband

Photo: The Football Association via Getty Images

Just before kick-off, the Brits took a collective knee in a sign of diversity and against elimination.

Then the ball rolls, but not for long. After nine minutes of play, Iran goalkeeper Ali Beiranvand was treated for a total of 11 1/2 minutes after colliding his head with a teammate before he was finally substituted.

England’s first World Cup goal was scored in the 35th minute by the only star in the starting line-up not to play in the domestic Premier League: BVB star Jude Bellingham (19) climbs gracefully after Shaw’s pass and lets the ball beat him. Long angled slip head.

In the 43rd minute, Saka threw the ball under the crossbar with his left hand to make it 2-0. In the first 14 (!) Minutes of extra time, Sterling made the preliminary decision 3-0, and Saka made it 4-0 (62) after a brilliant dance in the penalty area. Tarimi scored the consolation goal 1: 4 (65) after a wonderful pass from Golizadeh. Rashford scored 5: 1 (71), Grealish 6: 1 (90).

Shortly before the end, another political marker appears: The entire curve of Iran is calling out the name of Ali Karimi (44). The former Bayern star lives in exile in Canada and is one of the most important voices in the Iranian freedom movement on social media.

Tarimi made the final score 2: 6 from the penalty spot in the 13th minute of stoppage time. After a total of 117 minutes of play, it was over.

Ultimately, this is England’s first success after six consecutive matches without a win. But the world celebrates Iran’s brave heroes.

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