December 4, 2023

Windows 10 gets Copilot and a bunch of new features › Dr. Windows

Rumors that surfaced last week that Microsoft may be adding more new functionality to Windows 10 appear to be coming true. As of today, Windows Insiders in the release preview channel for Windows 10 are receiving a new pre-release build with build 19045.3754, which will also bring the already expected integration with Windows Copilot. There is longer support for Windows 10 currently But not the talk yet.

As with Windows 11, Windows Copilot remains in preview under the previous release, and regardless of regional specifications, the device must meet different requirements. Of course, the current 22H2 version of Windows 10 is a prerequisite, but apart from that, a minimum screen resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels and at least 4GB of RAM are necessary. Windows Copilot will be rolled out in phases over several months, then will find its place on the right edge of the taskbar.

Microsoft is supplementing Windows 10 with additional functionality already known from Windows 11. Windows Update will get new optional notifications when you sign in, and the ability to get new features when they become available will also be integrated into Settings here. Standard app settings for which Microsoft uses older settings are changed or expanded Blog post Indicates.

Additionally, the News and Interests built into Windows 10 will be expanded. Content is now displayed much larger, which should be closer to the Windows UI elements built into Windows 11.