June 23, 2024

Win Charles Air Purifier and Humidifier by Alpenluft

Win Charles Air Purifier and Humidifier by Alpenluft

The Pollen season Experience has shown that this continues until the end of summer. It is especially intense this year. The alpine air The devices, developed in Austria and tested in Germany, provide relief for allergy sufferers. It is highly effective in avoiding allergens and also provides a powerful measure Prevention of COVID Represent.

In rooms where air purifiers are used, even with tilted windows Complete avoidance of allergic reactions Corporate disease rates drop dramatically due to the destruction of viruses and bacteria. Air purifiers and humidifiers Charles Ideal for private areas, smoking rooms, classrooms, commerce and trade and ensures healthy humidity there.

The device has the ability to kill bacteria and viruses UV functionTo eliminate airborne germs and better protect you. In addition, the room air purifier works with an ionizer, which emits negative ions to better get rid of impurities and allergens in the air.

screen out air quality index And the Humidity In addition to the remote control, it offers easy operation of filtration and humidification, 3 air strengths, a timer from 1 to 12 hours and a sleep mode.

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