May 18, 2024

WhatsApp: Status updates are now more visible again

WhatsApp appears to be working on a new status update bar UI, which will allow users to get a preview of the first status update that will be released in the future.

New UI for Updates

In the past, users expressed frustration with the status update layout, which replaced the thumbnail preview of shared updates with a profile photo. The change resulted in a less intuitive browsing experience as you had to open each update individually to view its content.

WhatsApp icon
Image: Pixabay / Aesthetics Studio

It seems that WhatsApp has taken the criticism seriously According to the WABetaInfo website An improvement has been made that will take effect with the latest update via the Google Play Beta program. This brings the beta version of WhatsApp for Android to version Anyone who has signed up as a WhatsApp beta tester can find the update in the Google Play Store.

The latest beta version lets you try out the redesigned UI of the Updates tab. At the top of the tab there is still a status updates taskbar. However, the thumbnail it contains now provides a preview of the first status update released, so users don't have to open new updates to see their content.

The new status update bar UI is currently under development and will eventually arrive on Android phones in a future update.

WhatsApp Beta Improved UI for status update bar
Screenshot: WABetaInfo

Pinable channels are intended to provide greater clarity

With the update to Android beta, it has already become known that the messaging service wants to offer its users a tool with which they can pin their channels to the top of the channel list for future updates of the app. Channels that are most important or watched most often can be prioritized and highlighted. If you are using multiple channels at the same time, this allows for more order and clarity.

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Since the subsequent Android update to version, the revised update layout is similar to the current UI on the Chats tab, providing users with a more familiar experience. Ability to install channels should According to the WABetaInfo website However, it may not be available after installing this beta version.

Since the functionality is not yet available in the latest beta update to version, it may not be introduced until one of the next updates.

In the future, there will be more channel additions that allow for voice notes, channel management by multiple people, channel update sharing as a status, and creating and sharing polls.

Anyone who uses Signal on Android can look forward to new features and convenient functionality with the update to 6.47.

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