December 4, 2023

Weather: Snow line on Friday at an altitude of 800 metres


It will be sunny on Wednesday – then snow could reach up to 800 metres

The weather remains unstable: the rest of the week is characterized by foehn phases, a cold front and precipitation. On Friday, snow could fall at lower elevations.


It has already snowed in the Engadine. This photo was taken on November 6.

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  • The weather remains volatile.

  • On Friday, there may be snow at lower elevations.

  • The weather will remain mixed even into the weekend.

“Wednesday will be the sunniest day,” says Jan Eitel of SRF Meteo. The average high along with dry air determines our weather, writes SRF Meteo. In the morning, there are still some patches of fog, especially in northwestern Switzerland and on the northern edge of Switzerland. On the northern side of the Alps, it can reach a maximum of twelve degrees. Low temperatures in the Alps and Valais range from -1 to -4 degrees.

“On Thursday, there will be moderate fog in central and eastern Switzerland, as well as in northern and central Grisons, until the afternoon. Dry and partly sunny“, writes SRF Meteo. Then rain clouds spread from the west. Maximum snowfall is between 1,200 and 1,400 meters above sea level, but in Valais it can snow further away. In the evening rain may fall in many places on the northern side of Alps: Snow can be expected at altitudes ranging between 800 and 1,200 meters above sea level.

Forecast for the weekend

On Saturday, the weather will be partly cloudy in many areas, with the possibility of some rain. Snow falls at altitudes of more than 1,000 metres, especially on the northern edge of the Alps. In the south you can expect at least 13 degrees. Starting next Sunday, uncertainty in the weather forecast will remain high. Variable and often rainy weather is likely to continue in the north. Due to the influence of warm air, the snowfall limit may exceed 2000 meters in some cases.

Temperatures are expected to reach between nine and twelve degrees. However, the weather is expected to be mostly dry in the south, with frequent sun appearances and temperatures around 13 degrees, SRF Meteo reports.

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