Criminal Complaint Against Counselor Curtis – “The accused Federal Chancellor would be truly unique” – News


Possible accusation: The Austrian Chancellor is convinced that this has no consequences for him.

  • Alleged false statements before a commission of inquiry – these are the allegations against Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.
  • Counselor Kurtz has denied lying.
  • The Public Prosecution office is investigating and may press charges against him.

According to experts, the attorney general’s office will only bring criminal charges if they are certain that Sebastian Curtis lied about appointing a colleague in the party.

Regardless of this, the Austrian chancellor was convinced that none of this would have any consequences for him. He briefly told ORF: “No, of course I will not resign just because there is a criminal complaint.”

The accused counsel will be “unique.”

This, in turn, astonishes the experts. “The accused federal advisor is going to be really unique,” said political scientist Kathryn Steiner Hamerley at ORF, where her constitutional attorney Heinz Mayer agreed.

I think it is doubtful that the ethical standards in Austria will be reduced further.

He said: In a civilized, democratic, constitutional state, a member of the government resigns when charges are brought. We do not have particularly high ethical standards in Austria, this is a well-known fact. But I do not consider reducing it more than that acceptable. “

The Greens have always demanded moral standards. You are a government partner in the Chancellor’s party. The question that arises now in Austria: How long will the Greens keep Chancellor Kurtz?

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