March 2, 2024

Wales and Baden-Württemberg are expanding cooperation: State Ministry of Baden-Württemberg

Baden-Württemberg and Wales wish to expand their cooperation and networks more closely politically, economically, socially and environmentally. By signing a joint declaration, the two partners intend to expand cooperation in various fields.

Wales and Baden-Württemberg are expanding their cooperation and want to communicate more closely politically, economically, socially and environmentally. Welsh Economy Minister Vaughan Gething and Baden-Württemberg Minister for the Economy doctor. Nicole Hofmeister Kraut They therefore signed a Joint Cooperation Statement (PDF) in Stuttgart on Tuesday, November 14, 2023.

The Joint Declaration was signed

“The UK has been and will remain a very important partner for Baden-Württemberg. Business and science challenges yet Britain's exit from the European Union “We have to deal with it together,” the Prime Minister said. Winfried Kretschmann. “In light of the current crises and wars in the world, the European Union and democratic countries must now cooperate more closely and value partners such as Germany, the United Kingdom, Baden-Württemberg and Wales must move closer to each other.”

“Signing a joint declaration with Baden-Württemberg is extremely important in strengthening our valuable relationship with this region, which is very important for Wales. It provides us with the opportunity to ensure continued and increased cooperation with Baden-Württemberg, one of the largest Our business partners.

Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford and Prime Minister Kretschmann have agreed to intensify cooperation in 2022. It builds on a memorandum of understanding signed by the two countries in 1990 and aims to consolidate decades of cooperation after Brexit. Through the Joint Declaration, Wales and Baden-Württemberg intend to expand cooperation in the areas of bilateral cooperation, trade, entrepreneurship, science, research, education, youth, culture and civil society, as well as environmental and climate protection.

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Wales and the United Kingdom are important trading and economic partners

The Minister of Economic Affairs, Labor and Tourism, Dr. Hofmeister herb. “Wales and the United Kingdom are important trading and economic partners for us. With an export volume of approximately 10.23 billion euros, the United Kingdom ranks eighth in our country’s export statistics. Compared to the previous year, exports increased by approximately 16 percent. This is a good sign!” He added: “However, “We want to continue stimulating and strengthening our trade and economic relations through bilateral activities with the regions, especially after the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union.”

Economy Minister Gething added: “Germany is a very important cooperation partner for Wales. There are currently an estimated 90 German companies based in Wales, employing approximately 12,000 people, and around 20 of these companies are headquartered in Baden-Württemberg. I am very excited about the opportunities that our involvement will bring in areas such as commerce, research and education.

Cooperation in important future areas

With the Welsh representation in Berlin, on collaboration in “Economic Partnership Initiative” Ministry of Economic Affairs, alliances like that Under2Coaliton Or as part of the long-term partnership between the cities of Cardiff and Stuttgart, there are already many good approaches, said Prime Minister Kretschmann. “With us BW-UK officewhich we opened in London two years ago, has an anchor in the UK for collaboration in important future areas of science and business.

“Wales is a cosmopolitan and hospitable country. We strive for a strong presence on the international stage and where better can we expand and strengthen our global relationships than in Baden-Württemberg. We will continue to make the most of the diverse connections between our governments and organisations,” said Business Minister Vaughan Gething. Our people, our culture, and ensuring the continuation of our long-term historical relations in the future.”

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In a special interview, the Minister of Economy, Dr. Hofmeister-Kraut also discussed the issue with her counterpart Gething Innovations Out of place. “Transformation and structural change pose significant challenges for businesses in both countries. Minister Gething and I agreed that innovation is the key to a strong and resilient economy. That is why we want and need to strengthen the innovation power through operational regional innovation networks and allow them to continue to grow in International alliances with trustworthy partners.

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Joint statement on cooperation between the Welsh Government and the State Government of Baden-Württemberg (PDF)

Joint statement of cooperation between the Welsh Government and the Baden-Württemberg Government (PDF)