October 4, 2023

Patent victory against Google, the import ban threatened

Patent victory against Google, the import ban threatened

He’s been lying for a long time Sonos In deduction with Google. It’s not just about claims about Google’s policy, especially regarding patents that supposedly belong to Sonos that Google sees as infringing. Anyone who has actually followed through on the whole thing surely knows that things looked pretty good for Sonos after the company filed a lawsuit.

report from New York timeAccording to s, a commercial court has now ruled that Google broke the law by illegally using Sonos’ patented audio technologies used in smart home and audio devices. For this reason, the Commerce Commission has issued an injunction against Google. according to judgment All products that infringe patent-protected technologies must no longer be allowed to be imported into the United States. As is known, there are quite a few products offered by Google.

“We are pleased that ITC has finally validated the five Sonos patents involved in this case and has clearly determined that Google is infringing all five of the patents,” Sonos Chief Legal Officer Eddie Lazarus said in an explanation. “This is a very rare overall gain in patent cases.

José Castañeda, a Google spokesperson, said the company does not agree with the decision, but will make sure there are no flaws in the products customers use – and that they want to continue selling the products and that too in the USA. Google said the initial ruling in August permitted alternative product designs that circumvent patents and that the Commission did not appeal that decision on Thursday. “We will seek further review and will continue to defend ourselves against the absurd allegations made by Sonos regarding our partnership and intellectual property,” Castaneda said in a statement.

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According to Sonos, these alternative approaches are still supposed to infringe the company’s patents, so that drop is still far from falling. That’s about 5 patents, Sonos takes “scores” in the field against Google.

The impact of the judgment on Google’s business is likely to be limited. Newer products shouldn’t be affected — and to be honest, Google’s hardware sales in each quarter are little more than a side note compared to the advertising business. However, Google needs to be really active now in order to satisfy existing users and to be able to implement current and future devices.

Sonos then claimed that Google was infringing over 100 patents and proposed a licensing deal to Google. The two companies were unable to reach an agreement. The immediate ramifications of the current ruling are unclear, with the ban taking effect within 60 days unless the US president vetoes the order, which is certainly unusual.