June 23, 2024

The Droppery startup wants to improve the dropshipping image

The Droppery startup wants to improve the dropshipping image

Dropshipping is a profitable fulfillment business model – but sometimes it has a bad reputation. Co-founder Robin van der Heiden explains how the startup Droppery wants to improve and modernize the process behind it.

With dropshipping, online retailers can offer products in their stores without having to provide them themselves. The store worker does not send it himself, but orders it directly from the manufacturer or wholesaler, who then sends it directly to the customer.

In recent years, this business model has fallen into disrepute, mainly because it is often associated with China’s fast-paced and unsustainable import business. This is exactly where Dutch startup Droppery comes in. We spoke to co-founder Robin van der Heiden about the concept, challenges and planned expansion.

With your business model, you’re striving to achieve something that has fallen into disrepute in recent years: dropshipping. Where does the bad picture come from?
Robin van der Heyden: There are a number of reasons for this – and above all the poor quality of the products. Many of the dropouts are from China or the United States. Here the quality does not always comply with our European standards. In addition, there are long delivery times and often poor after-sales support. But the concept itself is very effective – and also quite eco-friendly. Because you are using an existing logistics process instead of setting up a completely new one.