Ukraine bar. Moscow threatens attacks on NATO arms transfers +++ Expert sees securing Swiss oil supplies.

According to the Kyiv leadership, Russia wants to stop supplying Western weapons with massive missile attacks on Ukrainian railway systems. This was written by the head of the presidential office, Andrei Yermak, on Telegram on Tuesday evening. Previously, explosions rocked many parts of the country. Yermak said it would not be possible to stop the supply of arms. “Everything matters.”

Politically, President Volodymyr Zelensky interpreted the attacks as a sign of Moscow’s impotence. “It is clear that the Russian army reacted very nervously to our successes today,” Zelensky said in his evening video address in Kyiv. Rocket attacks were reported on Lviv, Vinnytsia, Odessa, the Kyiv region and the Dnipro region.

However, no clear military objective can be discerned when Transcapatia is bombed in the far west on the border with Hungary. Zelensky said the Russians only hid their impotence “because Ukraine is too strong for them”.

The Russian military has fired more than 20 missiles at Ukraine, the head of the Ukrainian Air Force Yuri Ignat wrote on Facebook. Many missiles were launched from long-range launchers over the Caspian Sea. Ukrainian air defenses intercepted eight enemy cruise missiles. These military details have not been independently verified. According to reports, the attacks targeted railway networks and energy supplies. Electricity was cut off in parts of the Lviv region in western Ukraine.

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