March 3, 2024

Twitch: Streaming Now with SharePlay on iOS 15

Twitch: Streaming Now with SharePlay on iOS 15

Running Die- Plattform Twitch (App Store Link) is known as a medium for players and their fans. Live streams of various games are shown 24 hours a day, which can be watched and commented on. In the meantime, there is also other content outside of games: the new category has only recently appeared “Animals and Aquariums” With content feel good.

The streaming platform has now launched support for Apple’s SharePlay feature, which has been part of FaceTime since iOS 15. On Twitter, Twitch is reporting on the new functionality in a tweet.

In order to be able to use SharePlay with Twitch, it is necessary that all parties involved in a FaceTime call also have Twitch installed and are logged in with a user account. During a FaceTime conversation, a stream can then be opened in the Twitch app, and FaceTime will ask if you want to share the stream with everyone in FaceTime. If you answered yes, Twitch will open the broadcast on all FaceTime call devices. While a SharePlay broadcast on Twitch, participants can chat, follow, subscribe or cheer with Bits on Twitch with their separate accounts.

Finally, it’s important to know: SharePlay for Twitch is limited to iOS devices with at least iOS 15.1 or iPadOS 15.1. There is currently no integration with Twitch’s Apple TV app.

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