October 5, 2023

PS4: Firmware update 9.03 is available for download

PS4: Firmware update 9.03 is available for download

Firmware Update 9.03 is now available for download for the PS4. Change can reveal changes with this. However, it is very rare and without any details.

Sony released a new firmware update for the PS5 today. But even aging PS4 owners don’t go empty-handed. You can now download and install Firmware Update 9.03.

PS4 update changelog can be controlled

The PS4 System Software Update 9.03 is a somewhat minor update. Once again, Sony decided not to disclose the exact details. Instead, the manufacturer indicates improvements to system performance. By this, the company usually describes the changes made in the background.

9.03 patch notes for PS4 firmware update:

  • This system software update improves system performance.

In fact, that’s all the patch notes for the new PS4 firmware say. Moreover PS5 received an update today And “amazing” were the same words in the change. It’s unknown if this is just a regular quality of life update or something that fixes a specific bug.

However, it should be useful to update the consoles. This not only ensures a smooth gaming experience but also prevents potential security vulnerabilities.

PS4 support is slowly coming to an end

We’ve seen quite a few updates on PlayStation 4 since the release of PS5. However, the frequency of publications has slowed significantly. The previous PS4 update was extensive. But many new features have not been implemented.

This makes sense when you consider that Sony is constantly switching to the PS5 and it won’t be long before the last-generation console takes a back seat.

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More PS4 news:

The PS4 has been sold more than 115 million times, defying predictions that the console’s age is long gone. The PS5 also clearly showed that there is still great demand. Much more than the offer. Over 13.4 million units have been sold so far.

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