May 21, 2024

Turkey and the USA have been declared high-risk areas

Turkey and the USA have been declared high-risk areas

The list of high-risk areas receives a notable addition. With today’s update, Turkey and the United States are once again classified as high-risk areas. Other countries follow this list.

The new entry system has been in effect for nearly two weeks. With a broad commitment to testing or providing evidence, the risk of infection caused by travelers would be further limited. Although the classification of minor danger areas was declassified, the risk assessment of high infestation areas was tightened at that time. This means the list is getting longer and more countries will be added this week. With today’s update of the program Robert Koch Institute In addition to Israel, Turkey and the USA are again classified as high-risk areas.

Bad news about the holidays

The good news has become less and less in the past few weeks. The list of high-risk areas is steadily increasing. The number of infections is rising in most countries despite progress in vaccination. This is related to the massive reduction on the one hand and the persistence of herd immunity deficiency on the other. The United States is currently a prime example of this. Intensive care units are full. Although there are essentially non-vaccinated people who have long lamented their decision not to vaccinate, the situation should not be underestimated. Other countries are now receiving a receipt for this.

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According to the latest risk assessment, these countries were classified as high-risk areas:

  • France – French overseas territories of French Guiana in South America and French Polynesia in the South Pacific
  • Israel
  • Kenya
  • the black Mountain
  • Turkey (As of Tuesday, August 17, 2021 midnight)
  • Vietnam
  • United States of America
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But there is some good news with this update as well. The list of variable regions of viruses is still not growing. This means that only Brazil and Uruguay remain on the list. Still other countries are left off the lists. Portugal is no longer fully classified as a high-risk area. Only the areas around the capital Lisbon and the Algarve are still classified accordingly. Unfortunately, other countries and regions do not lose their status.

Travelers should now pay attention to this

Travelers from high-risk areas must go into quarantine when returning to Germany. Only proof of complete vaccination or surviving infection is excluded from the quarantine obligation. For all others, the exception is that the quarantine after five days can be shortened with another test. It is worth noting that since August 1, all travelers must provide proof of these three options. In addition, you must complete the login.

Algarve Portugal

For a complete overview of all high-risk domains and virus variants announced by the RKI in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we provide you with this article, which is regularly updated. As the effectiveness of the new rankings will come into full effect from next Sunday (August 15, 2021, midnight), we will always update this overview on Monday. However, there will be one exception this week: Turkey will only be classified as a high-risk area on Tuesday night so that travelers will have a chance to return to Germany in time.

In general, travelers should familiarize themselves with the applicable entry regulations. For an overview of all countries, we have put together this post for you, which will also be updated in case of far-reaching changes, by us in association with A3M and Travel Manager.

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Conclusion on the weekly update of RKI

As always, updated Robert Koch Institute values ​​for high-risk areas and virus variants will be published this week in time for the weekend. With the declassification of low-risk areas, the new list of high-risk areas has become longer. Turkey’s new risk assessments for travelers from Germany are unlikely to be very encouraging. Some parts of Portugal are no longer considered high-risk areas.


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