The first wave in Great Britain: every tenth case of Covid was hospitalized

During the first wave of the pandemic in the UK, about one or one in ten patients contracted coronavirus while in hospital. That number rose to about one in six after the peak of Covid hospital admissions in May 2020, according to one finding now in the specialist journal. scalpel Published study.

Actually for other reasons in the hospital

Researchers have confirmed that vaccines, improvements in diagnosis and provision of personal protective equipment as well as a better understanding of the virus have significantly reduced the risk of contracting Covavirus in hospitals. “Things have changed tremendously for the better,” said Christopher Green, senior clinical lecturer and consultant in infectious diseases at the University of Birmingham.

During the first wave, an average of 11.3% of Covid-19 patients in the UK contracted the Covid-19 virus after being hospitalized for other reasons. This percentage rose to about 15.8 percent in May after the peak of hospital admissions.

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