December 1, 2023

Switzerland, which has won its third World Cup, defeats Canada's favorite - sport

Switzerland, which has won its third World Cup, defeats Canada’s favorite – sport

Switzerland, which scored its third World Cup victory, defeated Canada’s favorite – Sport – SRF

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The team around Skip Silvana Tirinzoni defeated the hosts in the World Cup 8: 5 and celebrated their third victory in their third match.

Even after 3 rounds of the World Championships in Calgary, the Swiss footballers were unbeaten over Scape Silvana Terenzone. With 8: 5 against Canadian champions and joint World Cup candidates around Skip Kerri Einarson, they achieved their most valuable win so far.

Increase after a weak start

In this successful duel, things weren’t good for defending champion Melanie Barbizat, Esther Neuschwander, Trinzoni and CCArawan’s Alena Batz for a long time. Despite the last stone advantage at the start of the match, they were 2: 4 and – after 6 ends – 3: 5 behind them. With a house of three on the eighth end and two houses stolen later, they forced a late turning point.

In the next game on Sunday at 5 pm Swiss time, the Swiss will face World Cup newcomers from Estonia over Skipe Marie Turman. This team is coached by former great Swiss curler Nicole Straussak.

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