June 20, 2024

TKH's Glenn Tripping wins two silvers and a bronze in the DTB Cup

TKH’s Glenn Tripping wins two silvers and a bronze in the DTB Cup

“This was the best competition of my life, I wasn’t expecting that,” Glenn Tribbing says so clearly. Bronze with the team in everything, silver on bars and again mixed silver in the DTB Cup. It really was a great weekend in Stuttgart for Glenn Tripping from TK Hannover. The 22-year-old won it all with 81,150 points against all international competitors – despite his lack of a medal. Tripping said the athletic soldier left 53 opponents behind, “and that’s one point better than my previous record, and there’s clearly more to come.”

The German men scored 241,800 points at the start of the team challenge and ended up in third place. Only on the high bar did the team of national coach Valery Belenke, who received a new contract until 2024, bypass the British national team. Tripping (13,300 points) in fifth place in the field played a big role in that. With teammate Carlo Houer doing 1.5 out of ten on the horizontal bar, Tribbing did not qualify for this final machine due to the “One Nation Rule”. On the other hand, the man from the south of town made it to the top six on pommel horse (13,650) and parallel bars (14,100).

The United States dominated the team as well as the individual machines. Khoi Young (15,000) won the pommel horse, and Triping was fifth with 13,333 points. But the TKH athlete really turned things around on the parallel bars. The score was 14,533 personally the best, and the guy from the south of the city almost won. “That was really cool,” Tripping said. Only Spaniard Nicolao Mer (14,600) was a little better. Stuttgarter Hörr also won a final for the device on DTB.

In the new mixed competition, the hosts eventually won the silver medal. The team made up of energetic spokeswoman Sarah Voss (Cologne), Lea Coase (Chemens-Altendorf) as well as Triping and Dario Sisakis (Berlin) lost in the gold final with 50.450 points to the mixed team of the United States, who dominated with. 57.950 points. “We were only expecting third place, so we can also be very satisfied with the mix, which was fun,” confirmed Tripping, who then asked the team to take a selfie and take the photo. Italy (53.250) won the bronze in the final, and Canada (53.050).

Tripping was in Germany’s second “shift” in front of 2,000 spectators initially with Voss. Doing a vault, horse, floor and parallel bars, he emphasized his silver routine on parallel bars from the day before and again contributed 14,250 points to the overall score.

The Hanover Tripping athlete performed a total of eleven reps this grueling weekend. “Not all is well, but I did not fall. This is very good. Now training is on the agenda until May, Kasler’s former focus on the German championship. Triping has decided not to go to the World Cup next weekend in Baku, Azerbaijan: “This will take Lots of training time. And I want to improve my performance even more.”

Written by Stephen Densi