April 25, 2024

This is how Windows PC and Android meet

This is how Windows PC and Android meet

This is how Windows PC and Android meet

“Link to Windows” is the smartphone counterpart of the revised computer program “Smartphone-Link”, which has been visually adapted to Windows 11. Photo: Zacharie Scheurer / dpa-tmn

(Photo: dpa)

The user interfaces have been moved visually towards Windows 11. Something has also changed in terms of functionality.

However, since some functions depend on the Android version of the phone and on the phone itself, when in doubt, the best thing to do is to try what works for your smartphone. The minimum requirement is Android 7 version.

Doesn’t work without a Microsoft account

You must also sign in with your Microsoft account on both devices. Devices are paired using a QR code, which smartphone link“on the computer and those that contain” Link to windowson the smartphone.

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No cable is required to connect, the connection can be done via WLAN, for example. If you also want to use your smartphone to make calls on your PC, you also need a Bluetooth connection. All smartphones and many laptops offer this, but by no means every desktop has Bluetooth onboard.

Bring your smartphone to your computer

The dual software provides the possibility to use smartphone functions on the computer without having to pick up the phone. Text messages can be read and replied to, push notifications can be viewed, and photos and videos can be copied, moved or edited. Dial-up is also possible as described above.

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Depending on the smartphone model, special functions are also available. With certain Samsung, Honor or Microsoft models, entire apps can be mirrored on the PC and used there, files can be moved between devices using drag and drop and the devices clipboard can be read alternately.

Smartphone Link for Windows PC

“Link to Windows” for Android smartphones

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