Immediately unplug your WD My Book

DATA LOSS RISK: Unplug WD My Book Direct from the mains

Pull the plug quickly, otherwise you may lose data. Here’s what WD has written about the My Book Live and My Book live Duo network hard drive. Photo: Franziska Gabbert/dpa-tmn

(Photo: dpa)

Autumn is a good opportunity to save your private data. Federal Office for Information Security Network hard disk users report in the same forum And in the network reddit from unexpected data loss. Their memory was reset to the state of delivery without their knowledge. Others have reported unexpected queries for passwords that were not set up themselves.

Don’t wait, back up your data well

Autumn is a good opportunity to save your private data. The Federal Bureau of Information Security (BSI) recommends using an external hard drive that is stored separately from your PC after you back up your data. And it is better not to use only one recording: “Double is better!” Writes power in their record security advisor.

If you don’t want to copy folders manually, you can use backup software. Both macOS and Windows from Apple offer useful tools for this right in the operating system. Mac users can use files Time Machine Save the current system state at specified time intervals. In case of data loss, the computer can be easily restored with these copies.

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Windows 7, 8, and Windows 10 can back up system images; According to BSI, Windows 10 can also history file to save. As with Apple’s Time Machine, backups of changed user data are created regularly. This way, you can scroll through individual files and, for example, restore editing for only one specific day.

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