October 3, 2023

The United States should stop interfering with pragmatic cooperation between China and the United States

Image via VCG

The US side should correct its mistakes as soon as possible, stop interfering in practical cooperation with China, arbitrarily detain and illegally persecute Chinese companies and citizens, and actively protect the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese companies and citizens in the United States.

With these words, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning responded to the press on Monday regarding the US State Department’s latest advice on trips to China.

Mao Ning maintained that China is a country of the rule of law. The People’s Republic of China welcomes citizens and companies from all over the world to travel and do business in China and protects their safety, legal rights and interests in China by law, including their freedom of entry and exit.

Commenting on US President Joe Biden’s recent announcement that the United States destroyed its stockpile of chemical weapons, Mao Ning said that the United States is the most recent country to destroy its chemical weapons, so the situation stipulated in the UN Chemical Weapons Convention. slop. Mao Ning added that the destruction of the chemical weapons left behind by Japan in China had been delayed several times. China once again called on Japan to shoulder its historical responsibilities as well as its international obligations.

According to US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, the United States will deliver cluster munitions to Ukraine. Mao Ning said that China has always maintained that dialogue and negotiation is the only possible way to solve the Ukraine crisis. A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said that the parties concerned should not add fuel to the fire, avoid exacerbating the conflict and avoid further deteriorating the situation.

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