April 22, 2024

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Solotech: Jetbuilt Software Replaces Excel

At the beginning of 2021, the Nashville-based Morris Sound & Light and Interise companies were acquired by Solotech, an international audio and video system integrator. Through the acquisitions, Solotech not only gained new vertical markets, but also gained access to a new software solution: The AV Jetbuilt Project Platform. The cloud-based system has replaced Microsoft Excel in preparing quotes in Solotech.

It was initially unimaginable that cloud-based software like Jetbuilt could support a company the size of Solotech, said Alexander Beckwicks, vice president of innovation and operational excellence at Solotech. However, doubts about Jetbuilt were quickly overcome: “When we were able to access Jetbuilt through the acquisition process, we realized Jetbuilt is a faster, more accurate, and less complex pricing tool.” Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and China employs more than 1,300 people. There are more than 300 factories in stock.

Alexandre Biko, Vice President, Innovation and Operational Excellence at Solotech (Photo: Solotech)

Faster and more accurate

According to Alexandre Pecqueux, Solotech has previously been disappointed by the speed and performance of other cloud platforms. “That wasn’t the case with Jetbuilt,” says the vice president. In terms of speed, the solution is similar to a desktop application, with all the additional functions that the cloud-based system provides. According to Alexandre Pecqueux, Jetbuilt reduced giving time by at least 50 percent. Ein weiterer Vorteil sei die Genauigkeit: „Wir müssen uns keine Sorgen mehr über menschliche Fehler machen, da unsere Produkte und Preise jetzt alle in Jetbuilt vorinstalliert sind.” Potenzielle Fehler durch manbechlichne da nezre Effierd ability.

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Solotech also commends Jetbuilt software integration and support. Nancy Dugas, Process Improvement Analyst at Solotech emphasizes: “Jetbuilt integrates seamlessly with the existing CRM and ERP system. The API works great.” Jetbuilt also allows the integrator to create offers in different languages ​​and for different regions. According to Frederic Sinai, Sales Manager at Solotech, this is an essential advantage when working with multinational clients. Working internationally also means setting individual prices for different suppliers and regions.

Jetbuilt is now set to play a major role in Solotech’s continued expansion. The company plans to significantly expand its business outside the United States and Canada in the coming years.