The Swiss team starts with two defeats in the Para Curling – Paralympics – Games in Beijing.

Para Curling in Beijing – Swiss team starts with two defeats in Paralympics – Sport – SRF

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The Swiss Para Curlers lost to Sweden and Canada at the start of the Paralympic Games in Beijing.

The Swiss curlers failed to start the Paralympic Games in Beijing. Hans Burgener, Laurent Kneubühl, Françoise Jaquerod and Sinthia Mathez suffered two clear defeats against Sweden and Canada.

Too many stones are missing

In the opening game against Sweden, Switzerland had to be allowed to steal 5 stones in the first three corners. The Scandinavians came up with the initial decision to convert the three-person house to 8: 1 in the 5th over. Eventually it became 2: 9 in Swiss view.


The loser had to get out of the snow twice

Swiss Para Curlers.

The main stone

Switzerland also pitched early against Canada. Thanks to a stolen stone at the end of the 4th, the Swiss Paralympic Quartet made a draw within 2-3, while Canada left with 3 stones written in the 5th end. Switzerland could not make up for this and congratulated their opponents on the victory with a score of 8: 4.

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