May 22, 2024

The siblings need to charge the Tesla six times

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from: Adriano Dadamo

Riding in a Tesla has become a test of patience for a pair of siblings. According to the company, the battery in the e-car only lasted about 1.5 hours before it had to be charged six times.

Siblings Alice and Xavier Stephenson wanted to fulfill a little wish and find out what it looked like Tesla to drive. They rent a Tesla for a ride from Orlando, Florida to Wichita, Kansas. The journey of more than 2,200 km proved to be a test of patience for both of them.

The Tesla siblings had to be charged six times in one day. (iconic image) © MiS / Imago

Tesla: The battery lasted less than two hours

Unlike Xavier Stevenson Business interested Explained that a battery Electric cars Faster than its siblings can charge at charging stations. When they started their journey, they could easily have driven 2.5 hours. Later it was only 1.5 and they had to let the e-car charge for 1-2 hours.

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At the end of the day, they had to charge the electric vehicle a total of six times, which cost between $25 and $30 each time. The Tesla was given to the Steavensons through the Hertz rental company. The company received several complaints about Tesla’s battery on the same day. According to the company, cold weather can reduce battery life.

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