June 14, 2024

The Quarry - A new horror experience announced by Supermassive Games

The Quarry – A new horror experience announced by Supermassive Games

Beside dark pictures Supermassive Games is working on more projects. This includes quarrythat’s recently Through the introduction of trademark protection It was leaked. The project has now been officially announced.

quarry he is According to Supermassive Games A brand new horror experience made in partnership with 2K Games. In addition to the first teaser, it was revealed today that a release is planned for this summer. We’ve attached the joke here:

Movie premiere quarry Due tomorrow Thursday at 5pm our time, then you should follow more comprehensive information about the address.

However, if you refer to job postings from Supermassive Games, you stand behind quarry It is a multiplayer game based on real-time combat, which is completely opposite to what dark pictures-Series Deals. This would also speak to the aforementioned new experience, since Supermassive Games so far have relied solely on single player experiences.

Supermassive Games has made a name for itself primarily in the horror genre in recent years until dawn With dark pictures They succeeded in creating another IP address, which successfully reached three branches. Fourth part of the anthology Satan is in – This fall will follow.

More details about quarry There will be tomorrow afternoon.