October 1, 2023

Lost Ark: Update and server down on February 17th

Lost Ark brings a new update on March 17th

missing coffin It brings a new update on March 17th that will bring several compensation to players. Includes new Arkesia Grand Prix event tokens and Tytalos Guardian Raid. We at MeinMMO tell you all about patch notes and server maintenance.

What is in the update? Weekly update brings quite a few bug fixes and bug fixes:

  • There are modifications to events due to the change in daylight saving time. Therefore, all players will receive 3000 Grand Prize event tokens as compensation.
  • Players who participated in Tytalos Guardian Raid while activating damaged rewards will also receive compensation. However, this will vary from player to player.
  • All rewards from monthly and weekly crystal reward packs will now be distributed correctly, including retroactively if you have already activated them.

Just last week, the first content update was released in the West. This brought new story content, new outfits, and a new raid.

What is the maintenance period? The servers go offline at 8:00 AM German time. Then the patch is applied. Maintenance work is expected to take four hours. So the servers should be back online at 12:00.

We will keep you updated in this post if servers are up and running earlier or if maintenance is extended.

March 17th Weekly Update – Patch Notes

  • In-game event timers related to DST will be fixed as the Monday night hotfix did not resolve this issue. Players must have daylight saving time enabled on their computers for the clock to display correctly.
  • Due to issues with in-game timers and confusion when a limited time Arkesia Grand Prix event occurs, we are providing all players with 3000 Grand Prix Event Tokens. This coin will be automatically made available to you in Universal Storage.
  • We are also aware of an issue preventing players from participating in the Arkesian Grand Prix if we try to complete the event mission with a character below level 50. Although this bug will not be fixed in this update, we are working on a fix that will be released during the event period.
  • Players who carried out the Tytalos Guardian raid while it was defective will receive compensation for lost items. The exact compensation will vary from user to user as players have consumed different items during the raid, but may include:
    • Awakening Stones
    • Expendable combat items
    • phoenix feathers
    • blue crystals
      You will find these items in your mailbox after maintenance is complete.
  • Monthly and weekly Crystal Reward Packs now give players the right rewards. We’ve also retroactively given us any rewards we might have missed while this error occurred, and these crystals can be retrieved from your warehouse once you’re logged in.
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Were you affected by any of the errors? Are you happy with the compensation? Is there another bug that Amazon and Smilegate should fix right now? Feel free to write it in the comments.

There is currently a discussion in Lost Ark about the latest content update. Since many of them deal very quickly with new content and catch-up mechanics are still missing:

Lost Ark brings new content very quickly, says “I didn’t think players would go crazy”