June 14, 2024

The Nobel Prize in Physics: Pioneering Scientific Work

The Nobel Prize in Physics: Pioneering Scientific Work

The Swedish Academy of Sciences in Stockholm contacted Giorgio Baresi by phone on Tuesday during the award ceremony. He said he did not expect the Nobel Prize. But he put the phone close to him because he was aware of the possibility of his picking.

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His ex-wife’s sister, who lives in Berlin, told Tagesspiegel that Baresi is a very sociable person and always tries to explain his complex field of research to fellow men, even if this is not always successful. You describe him as a very dedicated person who cares about him Uni La Sapienza in Rom Against a lack of research funding, he also warned that the natural sciences should play a greater role in schools in Italy.

Giorgio Baresi.Photo: AFP

Parisi also saw the Covid pandemic in the first place as a social challenge in which science should create more confidence. Since the beginning of the pandemic, he has devoted himself to explaining the numbers. But he was not satisfied with the continuity of science.

Emphasis on the role of science

“Those who are against vaccination are showing us that we have not succeeded in explaining to everyone how scientific methods work,” he says somewhat independently in an interview with La Repubblica.

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To emphasize the role of science in the following sentence. “No researcher possesses the truth or the research that conclusively proves anything. There is a consensus that develops step by step, along with constantly new evidence and a self-regulatory mechanism that corrects mistakes.” This message has not always reached the epidemic.