June 23, 2024

The most beautiful cars in the world - according to science |  Cars and technology

The most beautiful cars in the world – according to science | Cars and technology

Discussions can be held throughout the day about the most beautiful cars in the world. Almost every car enthusiast will likely have a different model right away. It is a personal definition and will remain so, as there are many factors that ultimately influence personal decision-making. A unanimous vote was simply not possible. I was? Yes, because We can finally answer this question about the most beautiful car in the world once and for all! But it was a long way to get there.

It all started with an Autocar magazine rating. Experts named the Ferrari TR250 from 1957 the most beautiful car in the world, followed by the BMW 507. But only a few liked this list and a heated debate erupted. Until you enter science. (Also read: The most expensive car in the world 2020 – This supercar tops the ranking)

How was the most beautiful cars in the world chosen?

To determine the scientific winner, you had to Golden Ratio (Also known as God’s number or divine lineage) speaks of his judgment. Throughout history, this ratio, created in the honor of the Greek sculptor Phidias, has not only been found in influential works on architecture and art, but it is also valid for us humans. Gravity indicator. For example, model Bella Hadid can scientifically describe herself as “beautiful” only because of her proportions. Scientists took this as an opportunity to 200 most popular cars and, according to popular opinion, the most beautiful cars in the world (Re) analysis and selection of a clear winner.

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By the way, the idea of ​​listening to the flag when asked about the most beautiful cars in the world came from the British site “Caroo”. Regardless of previous lists and criteria that helped choose 200 models, God’s Number was able to measure the ideal level, especially in automotive aesthetics – and thus create comparative values. (Also interesting: According to Enzo Ferrari, the “Most Beautiful Car Ever” will be auctioned off)

The most beautiful 4 cars in the world

This comparative value was the standard of perfection according to the golden ratio from 0 to 100 percent. It achieved a value of 58.65 percent Ferrari 330 from 1967 fourth place.

He got it with a score of 60.07 percent 1974er Lotus Elite On the platform.

Dependent 1967er Ferrari 330 GTC And the 1964er Ford GT40 It ranked second with a comparison value of 61 percent. But to be honest: Who needs an algorithm here to know these cars are beautiful?

And the winner is …

Dependent Ferrari Monza SP1 from 2019 It leads the scientific ranking and delivers nearly perfect results with an overall ratio of 61.75 in many of the 14 aspects measured by the algorithm. The main numbers entered into the formula to determine the winner were the front and back sides of each car, the shape and size of the windows, doors, lights, headlights, mirrors and interiors.

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Of course, this is not the first time that the Monza SP1 has appeared in a ranking among the most beautiful cars in the world, but now the title is mathematically proven. And ask us: we can live with it very well – after all, its thin body alone is the perfect blend of classic and modern (also read: BMW M3 and M4 in test – Munich concentrated power in a double package)

Monza SP1 inspired by “Icona” and costs Almost 2 million euros. However, you will probably never see this car, because it was 499 copies Building. So you can get an impression of how you drive the most beautiful car in the world – and above all: what it’s like, we share a video with you here:

clause “According to science, the most beautiful cars in the world are …” By Mario Villagran It was originally published by GQ Mexico.

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