March 2, 2024

7 vs. Wild, Season 3, Episode 15

In the fifteenth episode of the third season of 7 vs. Wild, the participants settled into a routine and things remained fairly quiet – except for a scientific paper written by one of the teams, as already indicated in the title. Below you can find out which team is on the path to science.

Source: YouTube/7vWild

Hannah Aseel and the monkey on the bike

Day 12

The twelfth day is very calm for women. There wasn’t much filming, just a brief summary of what happened. The routine was to boil water, catch a few snails, and spend the day keeping yourself busy. This was the daily programme Hannah And monkey.

monkey Later that day she devoted herself to her project of continuing to build her arch. After a few hours I was finally able to complete the bow. Even though you’d probably never hunt with it, it was still a useful way to spend long hours in the wilderness.

Day 13

The next day started monkey New project: Build a fish trap to catch fish again. Unfortunately, this attempt was unsuccessful and the two women were forced to rely on snails for food again.

Knusi and Sasha

Day 12

Also in My churches And Sasha There wasn’t much new to see on the 12th. As on any other day, they checked their nets and tried to catch fish with their homemade nets. However, the motivation of the two seems to be constantly increasing.

Day 13

The next day I decided on Episode 15 My churchesTo finally test the fishing rod he made himself. He had high expectations and hoped to catch a bigger fish than the previous days. However, before he cast his line, they checked their nets again and once again succeeded in catching fish.

The number of fish for both now stands at 40 fish. Your goal at the end of Season 7 vs. Wild Season 3 is to catch 50 fish. After this first success with fish tested My churches And finally his fishing rod. The cast succeeded on the second try and with that certainty, and if no fish were caught, they ended the day with the hope of trying their luck again on the next episode.

Babablat and Reisman

Day 12

On Day 12 of 7 against the Wild Season 3, the snaps looked almost identical for all teams, with a few exceptions. My father’s painting I had a cold that day and didn’t feel able to do much. So they decided to have a quiet day and let the time pass quickly. Raisman I decided to take a shower that day, which led to some funny videos. At the end of the day, they prepared Elotrans to at least have a different or more pleasant taste in their mouths.

Day 13

to My father’s painting And Raisman The next day of Episode 15 started off quietly as well, but they had something important planned and didn’t tell us until the end of the episode. They’ve already asked themselves in previous seasons of 7 vs. Wild asked whether participants need to satisfy themselves and whether this works even when the body has very little energy.

In the name of science and of course good content, the two tackled this task and separated from each other to test whether it was possible or not. The result of their scientific work was as follows: It worked perfectly and My father’s painting I confess RaismanIt wasn’t the first time he’d done this. This is how this episode of 7 vs. Wild.

We’re excited to see what crazy ideas the participants will come up with in the next episode. But until then, as is often the case, it’s time to wait and see.

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