Fight cystitis with a powerful mixture of plants!

Warm days, cold seas, wet swimsuits? Unfortunately, what is typical of the summer trinity also has its negative side for some women. Because bladder infections occur in every second woman at least once in a lifetime and not a one-time relationship for nearly half of them1. Cold, for example through a wet swimsuit, promotes infection caused by E. coli in about 80% of cases2.

However, the “woman” is not incapable of dealing with symptoms such as frequent urination with small amounts of urine, pain and burning when urinating. Used at the first signs of uncomplicated cystitis, and Aqualibra Phytotherapy® With the combination of the three plant extracts of Goldenrod, orthosiphon and restoration, their broad spectrum of activity unfolds. The mechanisms of action of individual extracts interact synergistically. Restocking extract plays a special role in relieving symptoms with pronounced analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, which are complemented by orthopedic antispasmodic effects. In addition, Orthosiphon extract has an anti-adhesion effect against E. coli bacteria, which can no longer adhere to the bladder mucosa. In addition, pathogens are inhibited by the direct antimicrobial effects of aureus. Combined with the diuretic effects of all three extracts, this ultimately leads to the complete elimination of bacteria from the bladder. Good to know: the formation of biofilms also occurs due to the components of Aqualibra® reduced. In this way, treatment and the immune system can be particularly effective and the risk of recurring infections can also be reduced.

With this Aqualibra meets® All relevant cystitis treatment goals: symptomatic relief, effective pathogen control, cleaning and aftercare.

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The broad spectrum of activity often empowers one Avoid antibiotic treatment. 4 out of 5 women manage to do this thanks to Aqualibra® Overcoming uncomplicated cystitis without antibiotics3. Thus, the cautious use of antibiotics is supported, which is recommended due to the increasing development of resistance, for example4. But there are also individual advantages for the user, because antibiotics not only attack the causative agent, but can also impair the protective function of the vaginal flora and intestines. Against the background of a high recurrence rate, which is an important point, anticonvulsants can favor recurrent infections.

If antibiotic treatment is necessary, Aqualibra can® It can also be used with – it supports symptom relief and helps rinse well killed pathogens. The antibiotic can be used after the treatment period because it is well tolerated3 It is the Aqualibra app® In principle it is not time-limited.

More information about cystitis and Aqualibra® Do you think …? Here.

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