June 17, 2024

"The King of Driver's License" Rolf Herbrechtsmeier on the run

“The King of Driver’s License” Rolf Herbrechtsmeier on the run

Herbrechtsmeier was sentenced to three and a half years in prison in 2021, which was supposed to start in September. “But he didn’t,” Attorney General Ralph Vetter said. The 54-year-old is now wanted on an arrest warrant. His wife told our editorial team on Thursday that her husband is very ill and, despite the differing opinion, cannot be held responsible. “Our lawyer has applied to the Higher Regional Court in Hamm for my husband to be seen by a doctor.” She did not reveal the whereabouts of her husband at the present time. “It’s on the way.”

The 51-year-old was from Horn-Bad-Meinburg, the longtime self-proclaimed “King of Driving License” in Germany. He once said he’s helped more than 52,000 people get a new driver’s license in 16 years. Make millions.

Gray legal area

Herbrechtsmeier earned his money in a legal gray area for a long time. Anyone who has lost their driver’s license and is required to undergo a psychiatric examination (“fool’s test”) before being reissued can avoid this if they obtain a new driver’s license in another EU country. But this only works if you live in a foreign country for at least 183 days a year.

The trial material was extensive. picture: Christian Altove

In 2004 Herbrechtsmeier started his business. “I have rented 100 hotel rooms in the Czech Republic and my clients have registered their second homes at these addresses. In Germany, they announced their surrender of their German driver’s license to the Road Traffic Office,” he said in 2020. Six months after registering their place of residence at the earliest, they went Then to the Czech Republic for a driver’s license test – accompanied by interpreters organized by Herbrechtsmeier, as well as a mandatory medical examination. “Even those whose driving license has been banned in Germany can take the test in the Czech Republic after the deadline,” says the businessman. Its customers can then rewrite their Czech driving licenses in Germany – without the MPU. “It used loopholes in the law,” Lieber said. Millions poured in this way. His clients had paid 2,650 euros – for the hotel, the translator, the doctor, the exam and the Herbrechtsmeier commission. After the Czech Republic meticulously checked the residence requirement, he offered his service in Hungary, Poland, Spain and Great Britain. He found his clients on the Internet.

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Advertisements from clients

Years ago, the Prosecutor’s Office in Detmold learned about the existence of Herbrechtsmeier. As there were more and more advertisements from customers who did not have a driver’s license – they felt cheated. This finally brought Lieber to court. The Federal Court of Justice overturned the first conviction because, according to the Federal Court of Justice, the verdict was also based on acts prohibited by law. At the second trial in 2021, the penalty for fraud in 20 cases was reduced from four years and three months to three and a half years.