May 22, 2024

The Jinshin Effect: Serai Memories

The Jinshin Effect: Serai Memories

“The Memories of Seirai” is a hidden world mission where you are supposed to take four pictures at certain locations in Seirai. In our how-tos, we show you how you can start the global mission and all image sites.

The global mission “The Memories of Seirai” begins

To start this quest, you have to go to the north of the island of Serai. Slightly south of the starting point of the file Mission “Storm Chasers Seirai” You can discover a small shrine here. On his right you can dig and get that “Picture in Memory of My Struggle”. Then you land “The Memories of Seirai” in the Quest Log.

In the following video, we show you the starting point for “Sirai Memories” and all four photo sites:

In the first step of the mission, you must ask the adventurers of Inazuma for the image. The location will be determined for you on the map. Talk to the indicated person (Furuya Noboru”) who will send you to Oda Tarou at the bridge to the north.

After the conversation with Oda, there are three more photos in memory of Serai that land in your inventory. Your task now To find 4 places in photos in Serai and take a picture there with your camera (They can be found in your inventory next to the tools).

Picture commemorating Sirai I (place of discovery)

For the first picture, stand on the cliff on the northern island of Serai and look south of the village of Koseki.

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Picture commemorating Serai II (place of discovery)

For the next photo, stand on the cliff south of Koseki village and look toward a primary shrine in the southwest.

Picture commemorating Sirai III (place of discovery)

You can take photo number three of the small island by the ship “Seiraimaru”. Look towards the village of Koseki.

Picture commemorating Sirai IV (place of discovery)

For the last photo, stand in front of the north entrance to the crater at Amakumo Summit and look at the impact point.

Then return all four images to Oda Taro to complete the global mission. In addition to mission rewards, you will also receive Investigating “Beyond homesickness” And you deserve more Kudos to Inazuma.