June 24, 2024

WhatsApp now has polls for group chats

WhatsApp now has polls for group chats

It was announced about two weeks ago, and now it’s here. With the new update, polls can be conducted directly in WhatsApp chats.


The basics in brief

  • WhatsApp is currently working at full speed on new features.
  • With the latest feature, Messenger offers polls directly in chats.
  • This would make it easier to find appointments or make decisions.

Anyone who has ever wanted to find a date that works for everyone in a large group chat will be familiar with this experience: In a group, there are many suggestions and dataWill be Deeply confused discussion. An external scanning tool is often required to rectify the situation. meta messenger now offers its own solution.

Option 1 or 2? WhatsApp provides the answer.

After the feature recently solemnly announced, it found its way to Messenger surprisingly quickly. They both exist iOS Beside android Users can create and submit surveys with the current version. This is in group and individual chats.

It is possible to list up to 12 different options. All participants in the group can as well as the survey creator himself Then one or more options Select and change the selection as you wish. This also applies to groups to which only administrators can write. The current score can then be viewed by the survey creator.

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