Mozilla Firefox releases 107 for Android

Mozilla Firefox has released 107 for Android. This article describes the new features in Firefox 107 for Android.

Mozilla Firefox has released 107 for Android. The exact version number is Firefox 107.1.0.

Download Firefox for Android from the Google Play Store

With full cookie protection, cookies for each domain are stored in a separate cookie container – this is intended to make cross-site tracking via cookies more difficult. This data protection improvement for Windows, macOS, and Linux has been active since Firefox 103. Firefox 107 enables full cookie protection by default for all Android users.

Other new features in Firefox 107 for Android

Firefox now supports Android 9+’s Magnifier when highlighting text on websites. Also, Firefox now supports Gboard keyboard image input on Android 7.1 and above.

Tweaking the design of the Start screen in Firefox 106 meant that the already small text for shortcuts was less readable. This modification has been reversed.

Intermediate certificates are now preloaded to reduce the number of HTTPS errors users encounter.

WebGL now runs in a separate process.

In addition, passing for short distances has been improved.

In addition, as always, there are new platform features for the existing GeckoView engine, various bug fixes, closed vulnerabilities As well as improvements under the hood.

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